Legal/Estate Issues

Christopher Walker — credit union attorney partner — can provide guidance on bankruptcies, living trusts and wills. Contact him at (714) 639-1990 or [email protected].

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BALANCE Financial Fitness Program

Certified BALANCE counselors are available to answer questions, explain your credit report, suggest ways to improve your score and help you set up a budget. If needed, a bill consolidation, credit negotiation or bankruptcy prevention program may be arranged at no cost. All sessions are completely confidential.

If any of these situations apply to you, BALANCE can help:

  • Didn't get approved for the lowest rate
  • Credit cards always maxed out
  • Just making minimum payments; not paying down your debt
  • Experiencing a short-term hardship, falling behind on mortgage or car payment
  • Receiving collection calls
  • Considering bankruptcy
  • Worried that divorce or other life changes may affect creditworthiness
  • Want to save a down payment for home

The Credit Union pays all BALANCE fees, saving you the expensive start-up costs and monthly fees charged by other agencies. Free financial counseling is one more way Glendale FCU helps you reach your goals.

Call BALANCE directly at (888) 456-2227 or log on today.

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Take Online Personal Financial Courses

Sharpen your financial IQ on your own time with BalanceTrack — our online personal financial education center. Explore 16 online lessons covering different financial topics. Each learning module keeps you engaged with interactive features, links to helpful resources and a quiz to test your knowledge. Try BalanceTrack now.